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What is the general process of listing and selling a business?

Ready to sell your business?

Our results driven process will help you sell your business for top dollar. Here is our basic process overview (please note there are many small but important steps that are not listed):

  • Introductory meeting with seller
    • Determine if using a business broker to sell your company is right for you.
    • If necessary, evaluate your business to determine if it is ready to be sold.
    • Help seller perform tasks that will increase business valuation
    • Learn about the process of selling your business.
    • Address any questions or concerns
  • Gather items needed to perform business valuation and to list business
  • We perform competitive market analysis and business valuation
  • We confidentially, but strategically list and market your business on over 20 sites
  • We begin a confidential, but strategic email campaign
  • We call strategic acquirers¬†
  • We control information flow
    • Pre-screen all potential buyers
    • Get all necessary documents in place prior to releasing any confidential information
    • Provide necessary information to potential buyers in confidential manner.
  • When a serious buyer is present, we set-up and mediate all meetings with buyer and seller.¬†
  • We perform negotiations on behalf of the seller (we present all offers to seller).¬†
  • We provide tremendous amounts of support through the due diligence process.
  • We are present through every step of the process!

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