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Mike Feinman – Dallas and Austin Business Broker

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Mike Feinman – Dallas and Austin Business Broker

Mike Feinman - Dallas Texas Business Broker

Hi, my name is Mike Feinman and I am the co-founder and Senior Managing Partner of US Business Brokers, DBA Texas Business Brokers. I have worked in business since I was 12 years old and have significant and varied business experience. I have held many roles in business. Some of those roles include multi-unit manager (up to 350 stores), corporate trainer, corporate training centers manager (2), head of training for an $8 billion company (Taco Bell) and head of customer service for a $30 billion company (YUM Brands).

I have been lucky to gain successful experience in many industries, including e-commerce, restaurants, fitness and premium retail, in cross functional and general management roles.

My teams and I have won many awards including Chairman/President awards and 2 time division of the year recipient. My cross functional experience, including raising funds for new ventures, starting new businesses, running and growing small businesses, as well as, company and board leadership, uniquely qualifies me for Business Brokerage.  The understanding of all aspects of business, from operations to finance to marketing to Human Resources is a huge benefit to our clients.  We are unique in the way we provide consulting as part of our Business Brokerage services.

From the beginning, I initially started Retail growth Associates in 2010. Next, Alex Khabbaz and I partnered together and started Central Texas Business Brokers and have since grown the business to include offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. We will soon have an office in Illinois and California and plan to be a national brand.
Over the years, we’ve helped many business owners with their exit strategies. Our success is contributed to our famous Win, Win, Win strategy. We ensure our client wins, the buyer wins and we win third. We always do everything humanly possible ensure our clients satisfaction, are available 24/7, and provide fast, honest and accurate advice. When we present things, we give the pros and cons of every situation,  provide our opinion, give our clients the information they need to decide and then support them on their decisions. We truly want what is best for them.
I look forward to being your Business Broker.

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