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Please note, this is only a quiz and not a definitive answer. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns. We're here to help, and remember everything is 100% Confidential and there are no fees unless we list your business and sell it for what you want.


How long have you owned the business you are selling?


How many total hours a week do the owner(s) work?


Are there official bookkeeping records? For example, tax returns, P&L statements, balance sheets, etc. 


Does your business tax returns match your business financial records (P&L Statements)?


Can you provide all documentation needed for the sale of your business? - For example, previous P&L's, tax returns, business bank statements (sometimes personal too), etc.


In the past 1-5 years, has your business been increasing, declining, or up and down?


In the last 12 months, has sales been increasing, declining, or same as previous 12 months?


How hard would it be to train a new owner to operate your business?


What is your gross revenues/sales?


What is your total discretionary income? Please include any expenses that would not be present if a new owner owned the business. For Example: Net Ordinary Income + Officer Compensation + Personal Auto Expense Business Pays For + Personal Health Insurance + Ect). 

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